Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets speak volumes about the style of a home or business owner. Adequately taking care of it requires regular maintenance, cleaning, and knowledge. Most industry experts agree that a professional carpet cleaning should be utilized every year, or every 12 to 14 months. This certainly rings true for high traffic areas such as the living room. Astonishingly, some studies suggest that up to 9 pounds of dirt and grime are found within 1 square yard of carpet. While carpets might appear to be clean at first sight, often times, hidden dirt lies within the fibers.

Professionally cleaning your carpets regularly will help with:

  • Eliminating trapped pollutants.
  • Clearing out dust mite infestations.
  • Preventing mold growth.
  • Eliminating possible allergy containing dust.

Our staff at MFS is here to keep your carpet looking as new as the day you installed it.

Merit Facility Services provides Steam Cleaning Carpet Extraction. The term steam cleaning was coined when hot water extractors were first introduced about 35 years ago. Although actual steam is too hot to be used to clean carpets, the temperature of the carpet cleaning solution used by portable carpet cleaning machines reaches 212F at the wand tip. This heating improves the effectiveness of the cleaning chemicals. This hot water extraction is extremely effective for all types of carpet stains. Merit Facility Services provides carpet cleaning, weekly, monthly, quarterly or as needed.

MFS carpet technicians are highly trained and skilled professionals, with an in-depth knowledge of commercial grade equipment and chemicals.

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